Your job for this paper is to reflect on what one of these worrying or frustrat

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Your job for this paper is to
reflect on what one of these worrying or frustrating situations is FOR YOU. What is something specific you worry about or get frustrated by, that you’re not sure how you should handle it?
This will become a focal point for you over the course of the semester, hopefully so you will be
less concerned about it by the end of the course.
This assignment will consist of two parts,
turned in at different points during the semester:
Part 1: Describing your worrying/frustrating issue – The primary purpose of this part is for you to share the management issue that you wish to focus
on. This could be a chronic, ongoing issue A topic you can talk about that worries you is “teachers mistaking you as a student.” Remember that you are a student teacher, soon to become a teacher. The secondary purpose of this part is to share your
initial reflections of what you could do when that issue occurs. For this assignment, please
complete the following:
• A 1 page description of the issue that worries/frustrates you. It may be easiest to
present this as a narrative of your own personal nightmare of what could happen (or has
happened in the past). For the purposes of this assignment, it is most appropriate to
focus on student behaviors/actions that you’re concerned about and how you will
respond to these. You could talk about students’ internal states (e.g. students hate my
class, or students don’t respect me), but it’s important to write about how these internal
states manifest as student behaviors.
• A 2 page reflection of possible interventions including:
o At least one thing you can do as a teacher to prevent this sort of thing from
o At least two interventions you could use to address this issue when it does
o For this portion, you will NOT be evaluated for the correctness or effectiveness
of your interventions. This is before you’ve learned much about management,
so you’re not expected to “know” anything yet. Just share your ideas.

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