You are a researcher for your local Disease Prevention agency that has been task

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You are a researcher for your local Disease Prevention agency that has been tasked in designing a questionnaire on sexual practices. Based upon your views of human sexuality and combined with this week’s readings, which research method do you believe would gain the most useful information? Consider the various methods from the readings such as case studies, field research, questionnaires, etc. Compare and contract two of the methods introduced in this week’s readings. In developing your research method, be sure to identify the areas of Human Sexuality that you find most important to research. Justify your response.
American Sexual Health Association
The American Sexual Health Association is a professional organization devoted to promoting human sexuality research and education, making it a go-to resource for accurate answers about human sexuality questions. This week, focus on the sections on Women’s Health and Men’s Health to learn more about the basics of reproductive anatomy for each sex.
Center for Reproductive Rights
This website provides resources to advance reproductive freedom for individuals, using the power of the law to establish reproductive rights globally. Policies limiting reproductive freedom tend to have a greater impact on women than men, but policies promoting reproductive freedom create self-agency and choice for all sexes and genders.
Office of Women’s Health Blog
This website provides resources on prominent women’s health issues, including sexual and reproductive health issues, and aims to develop policies that help educate health care professionals and consumers. The OWH blog features informative links to multiple reproductive and sexual health topics, including relationship safety.
The National Domestic Violence Hotline
This website is designed to provide assistance to both victims and survivors of domestic violence, and includes a toll-free phone number for those seeking help. Visit the “Healthy Relationships” section to learn more about what a healthy relationship looks like and how to identify the warning signs of a non-healthy, abusive one
Crooks, R., Baur, K., Widman, L., Our Sexuality, 14th edition, 2021

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