Week Two: What is INTG? Due Friday, 9/2 For this week’s post, you need to read t

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Week Two: What is INTG?
Due Friday, 9/2
For this week’s post, you need to read through Chapter One from our readings (posted in “Readings and Handouts). You’ll need to write three separate paragraphs. You do not need to formally cite for this post.
1). For the first small paragraph, you need to explain in your own words the meaning of “Integrative Studies” based on your understanding of the reading.
2). In the second paragraph, you need to provide THREE “golden nuggets” that you discovered in the reading. What were the three most important pieces of information that YOU gained from the reading? Be sure to define and explain those ideas.
3). In the third paragraph, explain how your major fits the description in the chapter. What makes you an “integrator?” What two focus areas are you integrating? How does this chapter relate to your experience in becoming a part of integrative studies?
Week Three: Elements of Integrative Studies
Due Friday, 9/9
Read Chapter 3.
Chapter 3 emphasizes that the integrative research process involves systems thinking, reflexive thinking (i.e., considering your own biases as well as those in your 2 focus areas), and is iterative (a constant process of revising and “thinking outside of the box”). In other words, developing your integrative studies project is a PROCESS. To begin this process, you need to start thinking about a PROBLEM in your focus areas. Then, ask yourself, is this problem researchable and complex? Is there more than one way to look at the problem? If so, it’s probably a great idea for your Prospectus! After thinking of your problem you’ll need to consider SCOPE (is it too narrow or too broad)?
For this post, I want you think about ANY topic that fits one or both of your fields. Think about what makes it worthy of INTG. This does not have to be your topic for your senior project (You still have time to think about this!). Just trying to get you brainstorming and applying what you’ve read.
1. In the first paragraph, what is the topic? How could you narrow the topic?
For example, one topic that I have researched is domestic violence. Thus, I could narrow it by thinking about the causes of domestic violence (Skills Deficiency Hypothesis, triggers, etc.). Or, I could think about effects of domestic violence (on families, on children, on communities). I could also think about ways of prevention (education, laws, policies, etc.). Finally, I could also think about treatment for survivors (available resources, art therapy, music therapy, support groups, etc.).
2. Then, in the second paragraph, what makes your topic INTERdisciplinary?
For example, domestic violence could be studied from my own expertise in family communication. I could look at how the way families interact creates a violent family environment. Or, we could look at it from a sociology perspective and think about domestic violence as a community problem that is shaped by societal forces. I could also look at it from a psychology perspective to understand how it impacts the individual. Finally, I might look at it from a public policy perspective and think about how policies need to be changed or adapted to help families facing this issue.

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