two pragraphs for topic of discussion see below This week, we’re addressing th

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two pragraphs for topic of discussion
see below
This week, we’re addressing the topic of mentalism. Is the aversion or opposition to mentalistic explanations by current behaviorists justified? Do mental events have a role in a science of behavior?
and Reaction to the posts below one pragraph to a post below one reaction to Jakob and one to Shimon
1. Jakob
studying philosophical or theoretical issues that relate to the field of behavior analysis is just as important as studying the science of any other subject or object. my opinion is that studying behaviorism is even more important than studying any other science, as it deals with the most important and complex object from the entire universe, and can have a great impact on them. For example, positive reinforcement, when you reinforce a person such as praise, it can lead the person will thrive much higher. This approach can have an impact on the professional practice of applied behavior analysts, for example, if you have a client that usually will have a mark of 50% on his math test when using praise you can increase his mark. that’s why in my opinion it is important to consider the framework and worldview proposed by radical behaviorism as a development professionally in this
When anyone embarks on a journey, they will adequately research the location and learn everything there is to know to make their trip most successful. Entering the field of behavior analysis, as well as any other field, should be no different. If one is serious about their career choice, they will ensure that they have proper background knowledge on all levels. This includes theoretical and philosophical ideas, and is surely not limited to practical considerations. Furthermore, the background information is truly vital before practicing in a professional manner.
I believe that it is important for anyone entering the field of behavior analysis to study and understand the theories and philosophies that relate to the field. The same applies to the framework of radical behaviorism. Both methodological and radical behavior have information to contribute to the field. While methodological behavior acknowledges the existence of mental events, only public events that are observable through the senses are considered when analyzing behavior. Radical behaviorists include all human behavior, including private events. However, both schools of thought utilize scientific manipulation to experiment with variables and determine functional relations. Therefore, there is information that can be learned from both sides.
The world we live in is complex and is also changing at a quick pace. Therefore, having enough background knowledge in all aspects of behaviorism is necessary. When practicing as a behavior analyst, one relies on his understanding of the theoretical and philosophical underpinnings prior to taking action. Theories are not isolated concepts; they are what one considers before making any decisions. Behavior analysts change the lives of so many people and avoiding radical behaviorism would certainly be an injustice. Humans have so many private behaviors and it is certainly necessary for a behavior analyst who works with people to recognize and understand the theories of behaviorism as it relates to both public and private events. Thus, thoughts, feelings and other private events can be taken into consideration when developing treatment plans, as a practicing behavior analyst.

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