English Literature


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THIS IS FOR TWO PARAGRAPH PROPOSAL MEETING THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES!!!!! Deliverable for Part 1: Two well-focused paragraphs that synthesize all of the above- mentioned areas for the project: Paragraph 1 will contain a working thesis statement and provide an overview of the project and its scope. This may include a discussion of the chosen text, sources, and historical background. Paragraph 2 will contain the plan of action. Please format the submission in the MLA style. The submission should be carefully edited and proofread for standard use of English. Topic: Several of the works we have read used earlier sources as the basis for their storylines. In this project, you will choose one work from among the following and examine its sources: • The Faerie Queene • Dr. Faustus • Othello • Paradise Lost Your project will build an argument in response to this question: why did the author choose these particular sources for the work? You will explore the sources in detail, then examine the literary text and explain how it uses the sources, performing a close reading of at least one section or scene of the literary work in support of your analysis. You should consider some of the following questions: • Which elements of the source are used in the work? • What changes are made to the source by the author? • What elements of the source are omitted? • What is the overall effects of the way the author has adapted these sources? Audience: The presentation and paper will be addressed to an academic audience. Research: In addition to consulting the author’s primary sources for the literary text, you must also use at least five academic secondary sources (books or articles). You do not have to use the same sources you included in the Annotated Bibliography in the final paper. At least four sources must be from the UMGC database. Cite all sources using MLA style (8th edition), both in in-text parenthetical citations and in a Works Cited page for both the annotated bibliography and the final paper. Course materials may be used in the final paper but should not be included in the annotated bibliography and will not count among the five required sources. UNEMPLOYED PROFESSOR, PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE THREE ADDITIONAL SUBMISSIONS YOU WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR IF THIS PAPER IS UP TO PAR! THANK YOU!

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