this is a peer discussion reply please be kind and agree with the peer touch th

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this is a
peer discussion reply
please be kind and agree with the peer
touch the peer highlights topocs discussion
Compare and examine the consequences of unethical behaviors in a nursing Master’s program and in the nursing practice by supplying one example for each.
As a student of nursing Master’s program compliance with a code of conduct and behavior is important for permanency and to achieve successful results and obtain school diploma and license. Example of unethical behavior in a nursing master’s program is cheating is one of the major and with most severe cost include, is was in class, suspend this exam or also school termination, cheating include, obtaining work or information from someone else and sending it under one’s own name, share answer with a classmate during an exam, copy from notebook or a book during an exam or elaborate a cheating paper with the purpose to be use during the exam.
ANA adopted its first Code of ethics in 1950, The ANA code of Ethics provides a standard by which nurses can assess ethical issues in nursing [1]. As a nurse some other duties and responsibilities are assumed, during the practice scopes of practices and boundaries are established and violate any of them or the code of ethics, implied accountability and major or minor degree, depend of the magnitude of the issue and the impact for patients, families, co-worker and the healthcare organization and for the society, examples include breaching of nurse-patient confidentiality, theft of patient money, belongings or identity, crossing nurse-patient boundaries, it is important know that the nurses are not only accountable when they are on duty, some other misconduct receive disciplinary actions by the state board of nursing, for example a DUI, driving with driver license suspended, shoplifting etcetera, disciplinary actions include, temporary practice license suspension and permanent suspension with the prohibition to practice as a nurse anymore. It is important to be aware of your conduct even if you are not working because still disciplinary action will be taken.
Excellent quality of care is dependent on nurses’ strong clinical skills and moral competencies.[2], unethical behavior in healthcare industry can result in deterioration of the quality of care provided to patients and families and can harm both patients and health system, it is important during your daily practice be aware of what are you doing and why are you doing to avoid situation or actions put the nurses at risk to committed code of conduct violations with the pertinent consequences.
1. Duquesne university. (2022, June 5). Ethical issues in Nursing: Explanations & solutions.
2. Hakimi,H., Joolaee, S., Ashghali Farahani, M. et al. Moral neutralization: Nurses’ evolution in unethical climate workplaces.BMC Med Ethics 21,114 (2020).

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