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There are prompts below with my answers to what they are looking for in this per

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There are prompts below with my answers to what they are looking for in this personal statement. Thank you! Reasons for choosing food science as a career and your plans for the future. – I chose food science because I have an extreme passion for food. Much of what we do throughout our day is surrounded by food consumption. There are many factors that influence food decisions, but the one that remains constant is flavor. Particular research interests and career goals. – My particular area of interest in research is flavor chemistry, product development, and sensory analysis. My career goal is to assist in reducing food waste by developing food products from often discarded by-products of food processing such as rice bran, which contains a high nutritious profile. Faculty member(s) with whom you are interested in working. I am interested in working with Dr. Hayes, as his area of focus is sensory analysis. Additionally, I am interested in working with Dr. Hopfer due to her focus of flavor chemistry and sensory analysis. Hobbies or other special interests. My hobby is making macrame pendant lights and selling them on a platform. My special interest is trying new foods from various cultures. The weirdest food I have eaten to date is a fish eyeball. I like to try new foods from different cultures due to my lack of a cultural upbringing. I like to try to blur the line between a very standard American diet while also exploring new foods that we are so lucky to have access to. Any challenges you have had to overcome in your pursuit of higher education. If applicable, previous graduate work or research experience. In my undergraduate career, I have been the lead for Dr. Bhutani’s research which investigates how the time of day can affect how we feel, how we smell, and how we eat. Over the course of working for her, I have gained experience in project coordination in human data collection, data management, subject recruitment skills, administering intensive participant training to collect at-home data, as well as getting familiarized with previously published research relevant to the study. In addition to working with Dr. Bhutani, I have also picked up a part-time position with Dr. Zhao. I have assisted Dr. Zhao in the food science lab. We have been extensively working to extract c-phycocyanin from spirulina and manipulating this compound to be more stable for use in food products. If applicable, previous experience in food industry or elsewhere. I have experience only in the restaurant business. Maybe this could be worked in but I really don’t think this is relevant to this subject. But go for it if you must. External financial means (scholarships etc.) to support graduate work. I plan to apply for scholarships and apply for FAFSA.

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