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The relationships healthcare systems are built on are as complex as the individu

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The relationships healthcare systems are built on are as complex as the individuals in them, making the quality and strength of these relationships especially important. Trust, the relational state this chapter primarily focuses on, is actively built over time through experiences that require risk, openness, vulnerability, and reliability (p. 110).
This week’s assignment demonstrates our trust in you, as a future leader in healthcare provision. Choose an area of your current or future work in healthcare leadership and a particular point made in this week’s readings that impacted you to build an assignment on. At this point in your program, you are familiar with a variety of assignment formats such as:
Topical research paper
Analytical paper
Case Study with Discussion
Narrated PPT Presentation
While your assignment must meet some minimum criteria (see below), you are entrusted with the focus and direction. Maybe you are interested in the reasons a certain demographic of patients struggle with building strong provider-patient trust and what could be done to effect change. Maybe you have seen the effects of low employee trust in a healthcare setting and want to explore how that impacts patient outcomes or financial costs. Maybe you want to change how managers or supervisors are viewed by executive leadership in hospital emergency room management. Maybe you want to discuss scenarios of healthcare challenges managed well, such as the Cleveland Clinic’s response to the pandemic during 2020 (see this week’s Instructional Resources). Whatever your leading topic, think critically about the role of leadership and the elements of trust that your reading explores, as well as what additional research might aid your understanding.
Create a submission that meets the following criteria:
1500 Words minimum for a paper, submitted as a Word document, please use the APA 7th Essay Template available in the Supplementary Course Resources>>APA 7th Edition Resources section.
5-7 minutes for a narrated PPT presentation, submit slides with presenter notes and link to presentation uploaded to Youtube (See below for PPT narration tutorials)
The assignment must include a statement explaining what it is intending to analyze, demonstrate, discuss, or explain

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