The book that needs to be cited is Sensation and Perception by Scwartz Question

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The book that needs to be cited is Sensation and Perception by Scwartz Question is:The textbook discusses the perception of animate and inanimate faces and raises the issue that some inanimate doll faces appear creepy because they may have realistic features except for obviously inanimate eyes. Research on robots has raised a similar question regarding a phenomenon known as the “uncanny valley.” Imagine a continuum of behavior. On one end is a simple and very unhuman-like robot, which may include various industrial robots capable of only routine and repetitive tasks. At the other end is a normal human, capable of complex and intelligent behavior. In between are humanoid and non-humanoid robots capable of some degree of complexity in behavior. As we move from one end of the scale to the other, the robots become more and more human like, both in appearance and apparent complexity of behavior. When people are asked to rate these robots on some dimension, such as “trust”, “familiarity,” or “likeability,” their judgments increase as they move up the scale–but only to a point. At some point where the robot begins to appear human-like in some areas but still retains features that are obviously inhuman, the creepiness factor comes into play, and the ratings plummet. Judgments do not increase until one moves further up the scale toward the real human. Thus the “likeability” curve has a valley in the “creepy” region. Some even argue that zombies represent the epitome of creepiness, having the uncanny combination of human and inhuman characteristics. Initial Post 1. What do you think accounts for this apparent creepiness? What can it tell us about object, face, and person perception? 2. Given what you have learned in Chapter 5 regarding what makes a face creepy, i.e., the absence of eyes, what is the appeal of scary movies to us, and what archetypes are explored through horror in the collective unconscious? Is there a benefit to experiencing fear? Would the experience be the same for non-sighted individuals? 3. Example that you can relate to? You can upload an image (with reference and citation to help out). Hints and discussion: This question allows for the discussion of animacy, the minds of others, philosophical concepts like the “problem of other minds” and philosophical zombies, and enables connections to be made between perceptual science and social psychology. Think back to our discussion in Module 1 on phenomenology and qualia. Make sure to cite and reference appropriately (at least 2 references here with one being the textbook – the other can be a variety of references). This should be 250 words (and again should include citations and references). Filler, citations, and references are NOT part of the word count and 250 words may not be sufficient. You need at least 2 different references. Give a clear title and make sure it is not similar to someone else’s idea.

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