Sources can come from outside or the text “program evaluation: embedding evaluat

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Sources can come from outside or the text “program evaluation: embedding evaluation into program design and development by Susan p giancola copy right 2021
watch each video and answer the question along with describe how any of the issues stated could be viewed through the lens of concept theory or facts presented in the textbook or Outside sources
1) ” Federal lawsuit claims Austin ISD failed to evaluate students with special education needs”– “Alex Caprariello spoke to the families to find out what they want to see happen next.”

2) ” No Child Left Behind: A Decade of Failure” – ” The No Child Left Behind Act was meant to compel states to adopt high standards and rapidly improve K-12 education in public schools. It is now clear that NCLB has been a failure and has set the stage for even greater federal control over curriculum. The solution, contrary to what many advocates claim, is to get the federal government out of America’s classrooms. Neal McCluskey, associate director of the Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom, comments on NCLB’s decade of failure.”

3) ” Feds allege massive fraud at Twin Cities nonprofit” – “Feeding Our Future funneled USDA nutrition aid dollars to community agencies, but federal agents allege $230 million was diverted to shell companies for personal use.” (Professor’s note: Though the story is about a financial fraud report, what might the program evaluators have done to help curtail the abuses of the grants?)
4) ” In medical ethics, informed consent is a patient guarantee”– “In Trinidad and Tobago, the Pfizer vaccine has been administered without informed consent as evidenced by the Ministry of Health’s disinformation about the nature and risks of the vaccine. Further, coercion has been used in the form of threats to job security, school attendance and institutionalized segregation. This is a breach of the Nuremberg Code.”
5) ” Federal Judge rules nixes FDA’s plan to keep Covid-19 Data private for 75 years” – “Why the slow roll of the trial findings? How does lack of transparency weaken trust in evaluations and research processes?”
6) ” Violating Nuremberg Code: No Informed Consent Needed For EUA Vax Brags FDA’s Vax Director” – “FDA and informed consent circa 2020.”

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