Select a vulnerable population in your community (helpful hint: search within yo

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Select a vulnerable population in your community (helpful hint: search within your zip code). To do this, conduct a windshield survey in your community. A windshield survey is completed by observing a population by looking out of a window of your car (or a bus or riding your bike) to identify a vulnerable population in your community. Conduct research on your chosen population via the Internet and by calling or visiting your local health department.
Develop a maximum of 10 slides using PowerPoint to communicate your observations and research. An example listing of vulnerable populations has been included for your consideration.
Assignment Details:
Perform the following tasks:
Complete the reading assignment before attempting this assignment
Attend the instructor session to prepare for this assignment.
Complete the Windshield survey.
From the vulnerable population observed, research the population.
Identify the vulnerable population in detail.
Identify health risks and needs of the vulnerable population.
Identify resources that are available and those needed but not available.
Describe service gaps/interventions that could be used (primary, secondary, tertiary) that could fill gaps in resources.
Summarize your findings for each of the different categories.
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (maximum of 10 slides) to communicate your observations and research.
Include the proper file naming convention: RN206_wk9_assn_jsmith_mmddyyyy
Vulnerable Populations to consider from the textbook:
Poor and homeless persons
Pregnant adolescents
Migrant workers and immigrants
Severely mentally ill individuals
Substance abusers
Abused individuals and victims of violence
Persons with communicable disease
People at risk of disease transmission
Persons who are HIV positive
Persons with Hepatitis B virus
Populations at risk of a sexually transmitted disease
Other suggestions:
Battered/abused women
Women with high risk pregnancies
Women with no risk to prenatal care
Recovering substance abuse
Substance abuse
Community Research PowerPoint
Prepare a power point presentation (10 slide max) that identifies each of the following.
Include and introduction, citation and reference slide.
Population; Describe in detail:
Socioeconomic status
Health/Lifestyle Behavior
Health Risks; Identify and explain:
Health promotion
Health risks
Resources; Identify and describe the following availability in the community
Resources to meet population need
Programs to meet population need
Services to meet population need
Service Gaps/Interventions.
Identify services that are not currently available but would be valuable and improve outcomes for the vulnerable population. List as:
Primary interventions
Secondary interventions
Tertiary interventions
Summary; Summarize research plans to address:
Health promotion
Health risks
Please Look At The Helpful Reference List Below For Your Project:
*Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (2021).
National center for health statistics. (Links to an external site.)
*City Data (Links to an external site.). (2021)
*Unites States Census Bureau (Links to an external site.). (2021).
*United States Department of Health and Human Services. (2021)
.Healthy people 2030 (Links to an external site.).
* Data and statistics about the U.S. (Links to an external site.)
*U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (Links to an external site.). (2021).

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