Reader Response Papers (RRPs) NO LATE RRPs accepted. Upload by 6:05 pm on the du

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Reader Response Papers (RRPs)
NO LATE RRPs accepted. Upload by 6:05 pm on the due date.
Minimum word count is 500 words.
Choose a different topic for each of the RRPs.
DO NOT recycle class discussion.
Deal with specifics of the readings.
Graded as a set, based on timeliness of submission, how fully you follow the plan
outlined on the assignment sheet, and willingness to participate in class discussion.
1. First Reaction: What is your initial reaction to the reading? Explore your
2. Feelings: What feelings did the reading awaken in you? Did you respond more
in your head (intellectually) or emotionally?
3. Visual images: What visual images were called to mind by the text?
4. Associations: What memories does the text call to mind: of people, places,
events, sights, or attitudes?
5. Thoughts/Ideas: Follow and flesh out a thought you have while reading a
particular passage. Did you have a moment of epiphany or new insight?
6. Textual Element: What particular word, phrase, image, or passage really
struck you? Explore.
7. Judgments of Importance: What is the most importance word, phrase, or
passage in the text?
8. Identification of Problems: What is the most difficult word, phrase, or
passage in the text? Explain the challenges you see in this word, etc.
9. Evolution of Your Reaction: How did your understanding of the text or
feelings about it change? To what extent was this change influenced by class
discussion or other peoples’ reactions?
10. Literary/Artistic Connections: Does this text remind you of another book,
poem, play, film, painting, or other artwork? What connection(s) can you make
between the works?
11. Objections: Do you disagree with some of the author’s choices? Did he or she
take a passage in an unpleasantly surprising direction? Do you object to a
particular character’s actions or beliefs?
A range: Your RRPs are innovative, interesting, logical, focused, fluid, insightful, and strong in
terms of grammar and writing mechanics.
B range: Your RRPs are thoughtful, responsive to the text, make solid but not necessarily original
points, and show evidence of average effort with writing mechanics.
C and under range: Your RRPs are too short, show little depth of familiarity with the assigned
reading, are carelessly written, and/or lack strong writing mechanics.
D range: Your RRPs are too short, too undeveloped, too sloppily written, too burdened by
grammar/mechanical errors, and/or simply do not express any engagement with the text.
F: Well. You either did not do the assignment, or did so little or worked so carelessly that no
credit is warranted. Sigh. You may be a wonderful, lovely person…you just did not do the work.

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