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Project 2 HOMEWORK: Internship, Qualifications Table and Company Research Assign

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Project 2 HOMEWORK: Internship, Qualifications Table and Company Research
Assignment Specifics and Details
This homework assignment has three parts. All three must be completed to receive full homework credit. Read carefully and follow directions.
Getting Started
Create a Microsoft Word file that contains the following parts:
Part 1: Job Posting
Copy/paste the job posting of your internship into this Microsoft Word file. Links will eventually expire and you don’t want to lose the detailed description of the internship opportunity.
Part 2: Qualifications Table
Create a qualifications table based on the internship opportunity you have selected. You can use a Microsoft Word table or other software but you will need rows and columns. Chapter 8 of FBC will provide an example of the qualifications table and how you create one.
The left side of the table lists the most important skills the employer is seeking — use our best judgement. Some job postings have a long list of requirements so you must examine them carefully to determine what is most significant to the employer for this role or opportunity.
For each requirement on the right side of the table, identify corresponding detailed examples from your life that demonstrate your past experience with this skill. These details are critical to create strong and meaningful connections with the employer. Also, these examples will be the basis for the ‘body paragraphs’ in your final cover letter.
See sample below:
Table 1: publish of Qualifications Table
Marketing and advertising intern
Worked at Macy’s as a sales clerk during high school – summers 2017 and 2018
Conducts marketing research by contacting potential customers and collecting data through survey questions
Talked to customers on a daily basis during my job at Macy’s. Attended store planning meetings to review consumer trends and new products. Conducted in-store surveys with customers for a variety of products.
This entry-level position requires a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, with major in Business upon hire.
Currently a freshman at Miami’s Farmer School of Business.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Presented a formal marketing pitch for a new product in a DECA competition during 2018 in High School. Volunteered as a “host” at a fundraiser event for the American Red Cross in my hometown. I handled introductions of the board on stage and assisted the MC throughout the program. Over 200+ people in attendance and raised $5,000 for the Red Cross.
Strong analytical skills
Analyzed daily sales data as daily register closing was required in my job at Macy’s.
Strong technology skills
Currently taking Miami’s CSE course and learning MS Word, Excel, etc. In the FYIC, I am taking Computational Thinking which focuses primarily on problem solving using technology such as SQL and Java Script.
Part 3: Company Research
It is important that you research the company and industry associated with your targeted internship. There are many ways to research a company but you can start with reviewing their corporate website in detail. Write a brief description of the company, industry, products and services and other information that is important to know as you are applying for an internship.

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