Please respond to this peer post Kristen Weaver 6 hours ago, at 9:23 AM Discuss

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Please respond to this peer post
Kristen Weaver
6 hours ago, at 9:23 AM
Discussion Week 3
I reviewed the 2022 Penn Medicine IT Benefits Realization Report. This is quite an impressive document in its presentation and in identifying all areas in which the Information Services department is involved. So many exciting projects were achieved, so it was difficult to pick one. One that stands out to me based on my own experiences is Conversation Connect. This AI helps identify patients where a discussion of end-of-life goals would be appropriate.
Before the implementation of this program, the palliative care team relied on the front-line staff to identify which patients would benefit from conversations identifying their care goals. Because the bedside clinicians are focused on the patient’s day-to-day care, they are “not always able to step back and picture that this patient has a reasonably high chance of dying in the next six months or year” (Ewing, 2018). This leads to delays in having crucial conversations with the patients when they can still make decisions regarding the goals of care and end of life.
This program reviews the clinical data of patients and pulls a list of patients that may benefit from a palliative care consultation. The front-line staff is notified. If it is agreed that the patient is appropriate for the conversation, they are referred that day. If the patient is not suitable, the reason is documented, and the system can use that information to improve its screening criteria.
There was a 15% increase in patients enrolled in hospice after implementing the project. Conversations about end of life for patients with cancer happened four times as often as prior to the program.
Ewing, R. (2018, June 20). Palliative Connect: Digitizing the Physician’s Intuition to Prompt Critical Conversations. Penn Medicine News. Retrieved September 5, 2022, from
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