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Please reply to this post;
Trevor Flanagan
5 hours ago, at 10:14 AM
Penn Medicine Completes Email Integration, Realizes Substantial Costs Savings, is the project I
found most interesting from the 2019 Penn Medicine Benefits Realization Report. In this project, Penn Medicine consolidated four different systems into one single platform. This consolidation has resulted in cost savings, management and workflow improvements, and better
oversight (Penn Medicine, 2019). Having four separate systems created redundancy and difficulty with collaboration within the
organization. The single platform that Penn Medicine chose was Microsoft Office 365 Cloud (Penn Medicine, 2019). The consolidation
project took 21 months and has laid the groundwork for future cloud-based collaboration tools, which are expected to reduce
geographical barriers and collaboration challenges (Penn Medicine, 2019).
Another interesting aspect of this project is that it allowed
Penn Medicine to use their “power of one” integration branding message that they previously used with their EHR implementation
(Penn Medicine, 2019). The four-year projected cost savings from this project are $5.8 million, which is slightly higher than was expected at the beginning of the project (Penn Medicine, 2019). There is cost avoidance of approximately $3.1 million associated with avoiding the
need to build and support on-premise Exchange 2016 (Penn Medicine, 2019). Included in the single system are data loss prevention,
disaster recovery and data encryption tools (Penn Medicine, 2019). Penn Medicine users now have better collaboration as this new
platform allows for shared calendars, file sharing and communication tools. Even as new users and hospitals are added to the system, fewer IS employees are needed to maintain and operate it (Penn Medicine, 2019).
Part of the reason this project was most interesting to me is because my organization just completed a similar project. We merged all systems into one universal Microsoft Office 365 Cloud system as well. In the short time, I have noticed a substantially better system than previously used. Some benefits have included; larger file sharing
capabilities, easier access to organizational-wide contact information, better workflows, shared calendars, reduced costs, and more
storage capacity with cloud storage.
Penn Medicine. 2019 Report (pre-covid look).

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