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Please reply to each classmate discussion forum. Also, please make the reply per

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Please reply to each classmate discussion forum. Also, please make the reply personable.
1. New Post by Brandy Richter
When change is implemented, not all employees agree and will accept the change. “Symptoms of resistance in between these extremes include sloppy effort, restriction of output, pseudo logical reasons why the change is inappropriate, distrust of results of new methods, generally lowered morale, and so on”. (Sanders, 1966, p.56) Some employees resisting change will just not participating in the change at all. Other employees may only participate in partial change. However, some may continue doing things the original way and claim to not understand how to perform within the changed way.
In order to avoid having issues with the change, it is necessary to ensure all individuals are aware of the changes and understand the changes. Allowing for questions to be asked and processes to be learned is important. Also ensuring that employees understand the why and what is beneficial for them to make the change is of importance.
A team building exercise to help the transition could be a form of a competition involving the changes. Having each department perform a task as a separate team and see who finishes the fastest while also implementing the changes appropriately. When it comes to resistance to change, I witness it almost every day at my current job. Anytime a standard changes and I have to implement it, I am often met with resistance and refusal. However, I inform them that what I stated is the standard for our office and whether it is liked or agreed upon it is what has to happen going forward.
Sanders, D. H. (1966). Personnel Management Approaches of Small Firms to the Change to Edp. Advanced Management Journal, 31(4), 56.
2. New Post by Hannah Thomas
A few of the signs that an employee may be resisting change is that they avoid assignments that the OD practitioner may have assigned to them to do or just showing a lack of care in the company where they used to show that they care about the company and their job. The OD practitioner may avoid this conflict by making the assignment mandatory for the companies change. Several factors can affect the outcomes of any specific team-building activity: the length of time allocated to the activity, the team’s willingness to look at its processes, the length of time the team has been working together, the cultural backgrounds of team members and the teams performance (p. 282). I have witnessed a resistance to change in the company I work for at some point in my employment. One employee was resistant to change because of the thought that they were going to move up in the company and become an assistant manager, but another employee got that position. The employee started to show up late to work every single day and not really caring about the job or any of the assignments or tasks that the OD practitioner was giving to the employee. The OD practitioner started to communicate with that employee and ask what was going on and encouraged that employee to not stop working hard at trying to become better in the position that they were in.
Cummings, T.G. & Worley, C.G. (2019) – Organization development and change (11th ed.) Cengage

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