Only 150 words are required for this response. discussion response to peer post

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Only 150 words are required for this response.
discussion response to peer post on affirmative action:
According to the article, “Not Color Blind: Just Blind”, written by, Burke Marshall and Nicholas deB. Katzenbaugh, “The term “affirmative action” was first officially used in 1961when President Kennedy strengthened an existing executive order prohibiting racial discrimination by government contractors in their employment practices” (529). Over time affirmative action has grown into a policy that includes minority groups of people such as a certain race, gender or sexuality that are not equally represented in educational facilities and places of employment, to be guaranteed an opportunity to be equally represented.
In my opinion affirmative action is fair and necessary to ensure there will always be a multi-cultural environment within every aspect of society. I firmly believe that being able to see and understand another person’s culture or religion different from your own will aid you in becoming a more rounded and considerate individual. The more we as a society work towards a better comprehension and respect of our difference the less discrimination will exist. Many opposed to affirmative action believe that it will lead to many being chosen for colleges or employment based solely on race and not merit. This is a misconception as most that benefit from affirmative action do have the necessary credentials to be chosen, they are just choosing between a white person with the same credentials or a minority with the same credentials. Marshall and Katzenbach mention this exact scenario, “In 1989, the Piscataway school board faced with the need to lay off a single teacher, chose to lay off a white while retaining an African American of equal seniority and qualifications” (527). This is the best way to ensure all minority groups have the opportunity to be consistently and equally represented in society. Affirmative action of course has its negative points to it, but personally I feel the positives outweigh the negatives and in the long run will be only beneficial to society.
Work cited
Burke Marshall and Nicholas deB. Katzenbaugh, “Not Color Bling: Just Blind.”

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