Social Work

NEWS ITEM ASSIGNMENT (10 points) Write a paper, 2 – 3 pages, in APA format based

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Write a paper, 2 – 3 pages, in APA format based on a current policy issue read in a recent news article – published no more than one week in advance of the date due.
This short paper will help you 1) become more aware that you hear about policy (or needed policies) all the time, maybe without even knowing it, and 2) give you a basic level of policy analysis. Any discussion in the class chat will emphasize the collaborative nature of policy practice.
This paper may help you identify a policy area for your policy brief or policy analysis assignments.
Research the following new sources to identify one news article to use for your assignment:
Choose one of the following news sources for current events in any area of social welfare policy: New Orleans Advocate, New York Times, Louisiana Weekly, Gambit Weekly, New Orleans Tribune, Baton Rouge Advocate, Times-Picayune
You may get the article online, however, it must be from the website of that news source. You can Google the newspaper and go from there.
Chose your article carefully – make sure you can complete the requirements of the assignment as discussed below. If you are unclear on identifying a policy, refer back to your Leighninger reading posted to Moodle on “What is a Policy.”
For this assignment you will use the news article you have obtained along with the two Ideologies/Values handouts posted the Moodle (the short reading and the table).
You will identify the relevant values and where along the political spectrum the policy falls. The values are listed down the left column on the table. For each value in the left column, you will look along the row which tells you the view of that value by each political group.
What’s the point of this? The point is to learn to read a news item or hear about a policy anywhere and to be able to evaluate as to whether the policy is conservative in its approach, or liberal or conservative. As an example, “view of federal government” and “view of state and local governments”: a conservative policy will generally place emphasis on state responsibility versus a liberal policy (or even more so, a radical policy) will place emphasis on federal responsibility.
See grading rubric below.
Follow the grading rubric to write your paper.
Grading Rubric
Grade based on clarity and thoroughness of description of :
1) identify the social welfare policy discussed in the article (1 point);
2) identify the problem the policy seeks to address (1 point);
3) brief summary of the article (3 points)
3) discuss the policy issue using the Jansson Ideologies reading to describe where the policy
falls ideologically with a minimum of 2 relevant values (3 points)
4) how the policy helps or does not support economic and social justice (2 point).

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