Many towns and small cities have Web sites that they use to interact with their

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Many towns and small cities have Web sites that they use to interact with their citizens. Describe three departments that should be included on the home page of a small town’s Web site and describe the citizen interactions that should be facilitated by the site for each department. If you were designing the web site – what else would you include? Give examples of how it would benefit the community and its members.
Respond to two peers post:
Post 1: Three departments that should be displayed on a small town website are local emergency contacts, local government officials contacts, and numbers for city operations. Most of the time when a person is looking on a small town website they are searching for information. The information shoul be made readily available and easy to navigate. Its very important that citizens know how to gain access to assistance if they are in danger. Links or tabs could be used to organize information within the site. The police and the fire department are two emergentcy numbers that should be easy to find. Also, local government offical should have a space where citizens can contact them about issues in the community. Another space is for city operations. Citizens have to have a space to communicate repairs that the city needs to fix. If i was designing the website, I would add a community volunteer tab. This space would be dedicated for organizations or citizens that need help. It would also be a space where volunteers could list their names and numbers. This could be a great tool to bring the community together. These volunteers could help private citizens or local places like schools or libraries. I would eventually like to get the volunteer group to ake on a bigger role in the community. A connected community is the has a better chance of thriving in the new age. Technology has the ability to connect people. If used correctly, social media and webpages can get information in the hands of people in seconds. Community is all about connecting people and getting them to work together. Websites have the ability to list local info that can drive that togetherness. As long as the sites are easy to navigate, the information on these sites can be easily found. This would encourage the community to utilze the site in the future
Post 2: I believe that there should be multiple department on a town website like a solutions department. If residents have problems they some be able to ask questions on the website. Residents need a place where they tell their problems to their officials. I would create a youth department for younger residents because they are future. Sometimes they need a platform to express their on dreams. Social media is everything in the today world. People really forget what our lives where before social network or the internet. their should be a department that gives back to elderly and the residents need they need food or help with rent/utilities.
My website would have all these departments and more. The website would have great design and if possible to do it in a super attractive way. My visitors to city and state websites, whether they are government sites or visitor sites, would able to access the information they need quickly and without confusion. For that reason, I believe the best city and state websites offer simple navigation, attractive color schemes and clear content. Any website that has the need to communicate a lot of information to visitors can take into consideration the designs of the best city websites.
Example like websites Chatanooga, TN website takes the cake. Some of the best elements on their site are the ‘Popular Links’ navigation on the left side of the home page, as well as the easy to find main navigation at the top. Unlike many other websites, the Chatanooga, TN city website does not scroll on the home page, which we think helps to prevent site visitors from getting lost in a sea of unnecessary information. Overall, the Chatanooga website is one of the best because it has all the information visitors expect and nothing more simplicity at its finest.
Lastly, website make tourist want to visit your city or country before they actual visit. I have always want to visit Bermuda just because their website make it look like it the most beautiful on earth. It has that home feeling in Bermuda.
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