I need to reply this peer discussion be kind and agree with the peer this is t

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I need to reply this peer discussion
be kind and agree with the peer
this is the peer discussion
Nursing in COVID vaccination
Modern nursing practice has become a landmark event since its inception in the late 19th century. Florence Nightingale looked forward to giving women a profession and better healthcare for the public. Several theories of the nursing practice came to play, like that of Florence nightingale, that focused on the political activism of nurses. She encouraged various training institutions to form associations for the specific and individual purpose of promoting legislation for state registration of nurses. To create a norm for minimal education to enter the field, a political process resulted in the precise curriculum nurses must complete (Stievano et al., 2019). She also urged the hospital’s nursing staff to seek consistency in nursing courses and nursing practice standards. Most nurses participated in COVID-19 as vaccine administrators and advocates on the front lines, maintaining the core function of nursing practice.
There are many specialized areas for nurses, and they are highly diverse in their experiences and perspectives. Policy making is frequently a focus that nurses have, and they interact with the law to come up with a solution. For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses were crucial in advising the areas that needed a lockdown and more vaccination. This was important to the legislation because they could project their budgets and keep their citizens safe. Policies like telemedicine made it easier for many patients to manage their conditions during the pandemic without being exposed to the risk of getting a COVID-19 infection.
Nursing advocacy promotes patient equity, defends humanity, and puts a stop to suffering. The ability of patients to make choices about their health must also be upheld. Nurses are trained in community health nursing and the importance of patient advocacy. Nursing advocates have an impact on how health policies are developed, according to Anders (2021). For instance, nurse advocates must ensure they assist patients in navigating the insurance procedures because many medication prescriptions are not covered by insurance. Being politically involved and involved in policymaking may go unnoticed as patient advocacy. The role of an advocate in nursing is strategic because it offers a nurse the capability to educate patients on the proper ways to access various healthcare services such as Medicare, administrative and legal issues, and making well-informed decisions.
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