I need a discussion peer reply this is the peer discussion be kind and agree w

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I need a discussion peer reply
this is the peer discussion
be kind and agree with the peer
touch the highlights topics in this peer discussion
Roles of Nurses
Nurses, as patient advocates, are key personnel in healthcare delivery and play a critical role in providing care. With the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, nurses have been at the frontline despite the high risk of contracting the disease, in order to fulfill their mandate. Nurses play a vital role in vaccination efforts, telemedicine, and prescription drug pricing, as highlighted in the essay.
Nurses are actively involved in the mandatory Covid-19 vaccination. They have to ensure that everyone worldwide has access to vaccines and administration. With the advancement of technology, the delivery of health communication forms should be prioritized, so that vulnerable groups’ requirements and information will be accessed (Purba, 2020). In order to build a good relationship between religious groups and community institutions, time and autonomy should be provided to nurses, so that there is the transmission of evidence-based information. Nurses must step up vaccination efforts against Covid-19 and consider vulnerable populations as failure to do so would result in health inequalities.
As healthcare advocates, nurses have different roles in telemedicine and drug pricing. Telemedicine allows patients to interact virtually with healthcare workers and provide the services they need. This ensures improved patient care through early initiation of treatment. Given their close interaction with the patients, nurses are instrumental in the prescription and administration of drugs and also act as consultants to pharmaceutical companies on the costs and affordability of the drugs (Kaplan, 2019). They are therefore encouraged to define the prescription drug problem by carefully analyzing bills and providing the legislators with expert feedback on the impact of certain legislation on the patient.
Conclusively the learning outcomes I observed in my post determine the effects of healthcare policy on nursing roles and healthcare delivery; nurses are instrumental in ensuring equality in healthcare delivery. With mandatory Covid-19 vaccination, they should ensure patients have access to vaccines and ensure free communication of important information to patients. Nurses interact more with patients than physicians and therefore understand the need to reduce the cost of drugs and healthcare services in general.
Kaplan, L. (2019). Lowering the cost of prescription drugs. The Nurse Practitioner, 44(11), 14–15.
Purba, A. K. (2020, May 26). How should the role of the nurse change in response to Covid-19? Nursing Times.

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