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AA2 – about 1-3 hours to find texts, and 1 hour to invent
Select the text you plan to use for writing project one, then take the time for substantial invention, running both a fact/idea list and a pentad for your text, plus any additional brainstorming you find useful. Work towards a substantial list of points/arguments that you can write about at length in your essay. Full credit work will show engagement with fact/idea lists and the pentad, and a list of twenty points to make (not all of them need to be great, but they can’t all be phoned in either). Submit via blackboard and bring to class.
AA3 – about 1-2 hours – Due before your individual conferences on August 31 and September 1
Bring a thesis and detailed rough plan to your conference and submit via blackboard. Full credit work will be completed before the conference and show depth. If you want to discuss ideas or need help on choosing a text, please make an appointment to see me during office hours. Alternatively, you can bring me a publish, but I’ll need to see at least three body paragraphs so I can give you feedback on structure.
Write a rough publish of your first essay, bring it to class and submit it through blackboard. In addition to being thoughtfully written and well structured, full credit work must be at least three full pages and submitted on time.

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