Hd 8039.

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Describe the lives of middle class and lower class workers during 18th Century France. Write a 4-page paper describing or summarizing the topics contents along with the major issues or themes it raises. Specifically issues and themes related to the different sexes (Male and Female) during 18th Century France. Please include citations from the source provided below along with any other scholarly works. Bibliography of minimum 5 items on the topic; it should reflect current scholarly work on the topic (recent books and scholarly journal articles). This portion of the grade will depend on the use of proper bibliographic form and on how complete and current the list is. Please include this source as one of the 5: Ménétra, J.-L., Journal of My Life, ed. Daniel Roche, trans. by Arthur Goldhammer, New York : Columbia University Press, 1986. HD 8039. G52 F 7313 1986

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