Freedom- 13th, 14th, and 15th amendment

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Intro: Segregation, what is it?
Freedom- 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendment
Southern Response? Fear, Intimidation, and the reinvention of Slavery
Social Effects:
Continued Racism
Separation of the races-whites only-colored only
Mental Slavery-Lynching
Rise of the KKK-Fear and Intimidation
Economics: See Documentary. Slavery by Another Name.
Sharecropping. Industrial Age, wealth from the exploitation of African Americans
Continued Poverty in Black Communities
Prison Gangs, slavery by another name
Use Statistics to support your work.
Political Effects:
Black Codes and the response to Freedom
Jim Crow Laws
Plessy v Ferguson 1898- One drop rule, Separate but Equal
Political Disfranchisement. Poll taxes, Tests, Jelly Bean tests, etc.
Cultural Effects
Rise of the independent Black Church
Family Life-Names, Marriage, Identity etc.
Music-Blues and Jazz
Migration up north and the spreading of black culture.
Creation of the Black Church?
Conclusion- Impact of freedom and its responses by the southern states
5 Sources

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