edit My name is charise branch i am currently a student at kent state universi

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My name is charise branch i am currently a student at kent state university. Im currently in my second year. When i first gt to kent my goal was to complete my nursing degree BSN which is 4 years completion time. As time flew i realized the events in my life caused my graduation rate and time frame to be at a stand still. I started getting overwhlemed and always sressed bout billsand rent and also the work load i have .Growing up i did not come from a wealthy family nor a suportive one. I came to clvelenad when i was 13 due to my mothers dad having a stroke. i use to live in california with my father and never returned. I am currently 20 about to be 21 september 19th. I now graduate from kent state with my associate in scicence. I wll be starting law school spring semster in janurary. I am african american and indian , i am a straight female. I idenify as she/they/her. I am a christan that beleves in god and loves god . my family isnt that wealthy my mom is a manager at a rehab center and my father is a truck driver making aroud 269,000 a yar. My income is 42,000 a year i own a small buisness that makes clothing and labels for vendors. Im a sophmore / Junior . my mother finished high school and yfather finished 9th grade and never looked back. I often wonder why my parents didn’t get very far. But as i get older i realized they had little ones including myself to care and provide for. The main reason I’ve decided to take a black experience class is to gain knowledge and an understanding of the past and present situation of African-descended people in the United States. I also want to learn more about the political, economic, social, religious, and cultural factors that have influenced African American life and meet individuals who changed the course of history also to explore how the African American story still influences current events in today’s world during this hectic time. Personally, I am a hands-on learner so online classes tend to be quite hard to keep up with . Ways to help me and also the other classmates stay on task are video conferences . This tends to help me because we can speak camera to camera and talk about any problems I have or what I don’t quite understand .Also let me know what’s expected of me and what I’m lacking so I can do more and stay on track to be successful in this course. Provide clarity on certain topics, the past online courses I’ve taken in the past they just throw things out there and i be lost because like I said earlier it’s harder for me this way. Engage and motivate your students and stimulate conversation out of us . Some of the topics i want to learn about is slavery , black health and wellness ,black miragations ,the crisis in black education and the famous Fredrick Douglas

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