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NU673-7C Unit 13 Assignment – Clinical: Journal Reflection
The purpose of this reflective journal is self-reflection regarding the role in the process of self-reflection as a PMHNP provider. Through reflective practice, the student will evaluate their own emotional health and recognize one’s own feelings as well as one’s ability to monitor and manage those feelings. The point of the exercise is to learn yourself, your triggers, the types of cases you end up getting overly involved with, and those you’d rather refer to someone else. The idea is to be able to personally reflect on your behaviors/thoughts/decisions and how those impact you in the role of PMHNP.
The ability to analyze one’s self and be aware of how one’s emotions and responses affect others is a crucial component to developing a therapeutic relationship with patients. During this clinical/course and particularly through this exercise it is expected that the student develops recognition of their own feelings, prejudices, biases, triggers, anxieties, limitations, and of course strengths while developing the ability to appropriately manage these issues as they arise and how to best align your strengths to overcome your limitations. In this final journal entry, review your previous journal entries and reflect upon your success in achieving this as well as the goals you stated in your first video journal.
Questions to address in your final reflective video include:
• What goals did you set for yourself at the beginning of the semester? Did you meet these?
• What feelings, prejudices, and biases did you experience during your clinical experience and how did you manage them?
• How did you manage your anxiety, self-doubt, and/or uncertainty?
• What understanding or insights did you develop during your clinical experience?
• Has reflective practice impacted you as a person, student, and/or provider? If so, how?
• Will you continue to use reflection in your future practice? If so why and how?

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