Religion and Theology

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Description: Without looking at your favorite English translation of the Bible, see if you can write down: 1. The name of the translation, 2. The year in which it was translated, and 3. The method of translation Now, check your accuracy and discuss what you’ve realized. In addition, discuss the following, doing your best to engage our course materials and outside resources as appropriate: In your personal experience, how has the language of the Bible (words, phrases, etc.) been either a help or a hindrance in your ability to understand its meaning and message? Be specific! How do issues of translation impact our understanding of scripture? Describe two or three examples; Next, describe an example of an English word that has changed in meaning during your lifetime. How does do changes such as the one you’ve described impact your attitude towards how you might need to approach your own study of words and of the scripture? To wrap up your paper, consider which scholarly method of translation you’ve come to understand you prefer and why. In light of the method of translation you prefer, discuss whether this will impact the bible you study from moving forward — whether you’ll be keeping, buying for the first time, or switching to a particular translation this investigation has helped you come to appreciate or value more. This brief assignment is to be 1,500 words in which you express your personal thoughts and insights. You are welcome to use outside source as well as class material. Be sure to use MLA formatting guidelines when you do so.

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