Based on the self-assessment score produce a 2 page reflection. The reflection

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Based on the self-assessment score produce a 2 page reflection. The reflection paper should be at least 2 pages long (i.e. not including cover page and reference page). Feel free to use your book and one-peer reviewed scholarly article for reference if you find it difficult to complete a reflection based on the questions provided below. You need to cite the article (if you selected one) and the book on the reference page. The reflection should address some of the following questions:
How does Psychology impact or influence the topic (identify psychology terms, concepts, and or theories presented in the chapter and in the article that relate to the assessment and/or your results)?
Does the results/score of the assessment align with your beliefs concerning yourself? Identify core values that are reflected in the results of the self-assessment.
What are your strengths and weaknesses as it relates to the assessment topic?
What are some of the things you either learned about yourself or confirmed some things you have learned about yourself in the past?
Did you learn anything about yourself that surprised you? If so, what was it?
Identify a specific life experience/situation that you either experienced on your own or were informed about that relate to the self-assessment topic.
Write one specific action you will take to improve yourself as it relates to the self-assessment topic.
The book being used is psychology of success chapter 1
Here are my answers for the self assessment being talked about.
Success means self discipline self motivation positive relationships self-awareness education job and important real people in your life building generational wealth
What do these words or phrases tell you about your vision of success?
That success comes from me as a person I need to be motivated aware disciplined in order to finish what I start I decide how successful I am going to be
To me success means being motivated self-aware and disciplined surrounding oneself with positive relationships and environment
Does your definition of success differ from the book?
No because the book says success has a personal definition for all of us everybody is successful in their own ways for example some people are hands-on when they learn versus people who just need to work alone or read a book
Do you think you will become successful according to your own definition of success?
Yes I just have to keep the same energy the whole time I work towards my goals one of the keys of success to me is to stay motivated and to keep working no matter what
Describe someone who has achieved success the way you defined it.
My mom she’s worked her whole life to take care of me she went back to school while I was young as a single parent working two jobs she knows her degree doing what she enjoys while still working towards getting farther into her job she also works for success at home always making sure she is taking care of the house and being successful in doing so

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