Application Writing

1. Why did you choose this specialty/profession? Growing up I have always b

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1. Why did you choose this specialty/profession?
Growing up I have always been passionate about helping the sick. This fully came into play when my family and I became refugees in Cote D’ Ivoire, and on the camp, we stayed nurses and doctors would come on certain days to provide care to families that were in need. When my family and I migrated into the United States in 2005 my little sister became very ill and required hospitalization. When she was discharged, we had an amazing nurse who was incremental in her treatment and recovery. I was inspired by her ability to intercede for my sister’s care through understanding her needs, making her feel comfortable and promptly administering care when needed. As I grew older, I became inspired by my sister Princes Jallah and my High school instructor Dr. Symonette who taught the Gateway Stem High School Health Science-Patient Care/Certified Nurse Assistant program and it became a passion of mine to do the same for others’ families.
2. What do you believe are your most significant accomplishments?
Although I am proud of many accomplishments that I have acquired throughout my lifetime, the most significant accomplishments I have accomplished would be completing nursing school, passing the NCLEX and starting and securing my first registered nurse job in the operating room as a new graduate nurse at a level one trauma center. This accomplishment is very significant to me because when I decided to embark on my journey of becoming a nurse, I purchased a stethoscope while I was still taking my prerequisite toward nursing. Around the diaphragm of this particular stethoscope, I engraved Wokie Tinyan, RN. I did this with emotions ranging from fear to extreme faith. I was then accepted into nursing school and was filled with excitement. My stethoscope served as a physical object to help fuel my motivations to finish nursing school. The journey was rigorous in many ways and I had to build strength and character to overcome the many obstacles that came with becoming a nurse.That was a major challenge that I faced because in order to succeed I had to progressively exceed in new and challenging courses, and that has helped shaped the woman i am today.
3. Identify any significant awards, scholarships or other recognitions you have received.
I was awarded an honor roll and perfect attendance wh.
I was also awarded three different opportunities to take part in Missouri S&T and was awarded many awards from the college,
I was awarded the preparation through education award for attendance and participation of SSS tutoring and workshops, to the program participation award for
active involvement with the TRiO-Student Support Service Program of St. Louis Community College at Forest Park, to the Certificate of achievement for youth retreat, to the Hat Off Award for Outstanding Achievement through the TRiO- Student support service
4. Describe any community service activities, including positions held and responsibilities.
When I was a cadet in High school I was given the opportunity to march in the Veteran’s Day Parade. I served and marched with joy and pride giving honors to those who have served our country. I also participated in the monthly school-wide clean up activities and preparation in downtown St. Louis picking up trash, providing food and blankets to the shelterless through the years of being a cadet in high school and cleaned up Gateway Stem High School football field and surrounding premises. In my Leadership in the 21st century class I had the opportunity of doing a leadership project where I provided educational resources about proper hand hygiene, how to fill out documents for government assistant resources and give out mental health resources for those in need. I also gave out clothing, and hyginal bags to the homeless women. Each year in the summertime Dr. Symonette and I go down to St. Louis and pass out cold water to the shelterless. This Year I helped the War Cry Ministry present their 10th annual back to school jam. I provided free school supplies and food to children and guardians for the new school year.
5. List any research, publications or teaching experiences you have accomplished.
I have not completed any publication work before, however it is something I would love to take part in if the opportunity presents itself. I have done a dissemination of an evidence based practice research project in my RN-BSN program on the Importance of Chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) baths in preventing Health Associated Infection in surgical Patients.
In my fourth semester of nursing school, I acted as a suicidal/schizophrenic patient in the mental health practicum for the third semester nursing students. My role was to act and show signs of self-harm, voices talking to me and to hide sharp objects in the bag I had as I was also homeless. After the simulation the nursing students and I went into a conference room where I taught them the signs they needed to look for in those types of patients and how they should communicate with those patients so that they can feel safe and trust you.
I have had the privilege of educating children in a childcare center about their overall health, which includes the importance of washing hands and how to properly wipe when using the restroom. teaching ways to prevent certain infections.
6. Would you like to provide the selection board with any further information on specific aspects of your academic record or application file?
In my bachelor of science in nursing I completed a project focusing on the population and public health issues in the community. The topic of discussion was geared towards air pollution, tobacco and alcohol usage, accidents caused by motor vehicles and influenza pandemic. I educated the communities on ways to take preventive measures for better health and outcomes.
I am currently going through the process of becoming a NICU volunteer at St. Mary’s Hospital.
7. What are your long term goals?
The nursing experience that I will have gained will help me become a well-knowledgeable
nurse and aid into my long-term goals of obtaining my doctoral degree in nursing with an emphasis on Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner/Nurse Midwife. I believe this will
allow me to put my leadership and people skills and nursing experience to good use and help provide a well renouse care to the sick, airmen, veterans that have fought for our country and their dependents while allowing me to continue to grow in the nursing profession.
8. What do you find appealing about Air Force Health Professions?
Being a part of the United States Air Force has always been a passion of mine since being a cadet in the AFJROTC program at Gateway Stem High School. I stand by the United States Air Force Core Value and Masion of service before self and what I find most appealing about the Air Force Health Professions are the career and leadership opportunities provided that will allow me to grow as an aspiring leader and in the nursing profession as well. The experience of witnessing a house fire with all my loved ones inside. This was a drive that drove me to choose the Air Force. That day all I wanted to do was care for my family and at the time I did. Afterwards I realized that I can care for my community and my country on a larger scale than I’ve ever imagined. Now that I’m a nurse I want to be able to care for the individuals who love and care for their country, where we can all work together to make a change as well as protect and heal.
9. Why should you be selected? What do you have to offer the Air Force?
(2 part question)
I should be selected because I am a resilient, hardworking and a determined individual that is compassionate about providing care to all. I am determined to become the best version of myself through leadership opportunities and healing others. Since becoming a nurse my drive to provide care to not only my family by changing their lives and overall health, but also to my country and joining the AirForce is where I believe I can achieve this.
I will offer the Air Force my resilient and strong determination to grow and advance in my career and as an aspiring leader. It has always been my goal to aim high to become the best version of myself.
10. What is your current fitness routine? Are you familiar with Air Force Fitness requirements?
My daily fitness routine requires running in the park five days per week every morning for an hour. Followed by going to the gym I am very familiar with the Air Force fitness requirement as I was a cadet in the Gateway Stem High school AFJROTC program. I excelled in AFJROTC fitness and I plan to do so as well if given the opportunity to join the U.S Air Force.

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